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RightCapital and FMT Solutions recently joined forces to bring you a Master Class in combining education with execution to revolutionize your business growth - increasing the impact of your marketing, client acquisition and retention efforts. This case study shows you how to use a powerful tool like RightCaptial, to bring retirement concepts to life for your clients and prospects. Real life examples like these are key to an engaging experience for attendees in the classroom and clients alike.

Grow your business and find your ideal client with the combination of educational marketing, illustrations and execution. The partnership between FMT and Right capital allows you to plug into a platform that is designed to catapult your business!

At FMT Solutions, we’re pioneers of education-first marketing and practice growth. For over 20 years, we’ve been empowering financial advisors with the strategy, coaching and marketing required to deliver retirement education to a classroom of qualified families in their communities - earning new valuable, long-term clients.

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